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Dominion International Center

...a church with a difference!

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Online Giving


Dominion Success Institute

The Dominion Success Institute (DSI) is the arm of the Dominion Lifestyle Training Center that has been equipping people with success principles and life skills that help maximize their potentials in their chosen field of endeavor. Various success stories have already emerged from this institute like multimillion dollar businesses and entrepreneurs that making impact and a difference in the society. 

100% Success is your heritage. God has planned absolutely NO FAILURES for you. You are destined to succeed and prosper in whatever you do. The more you know, the more you will grow. If you desire to enjoy the success that God has ordained for you, then you must understand one important fact: Success isn't a function of doing more. It is a function of knowing more. Ecclesiastes 10:10 declares that Success isn't gained through much sweat. It is gained through much wisdom!

At the Dominion Success Institute, you will gain powerful skill-sharpening, result-producing, wisdom principles that will deliver life-long success to you and keep you prosperous and buoyant in any economy. You will stay on the cutting edge of process and advancement in your chosen field. You will soar to greater heights! You will become a pacesetter and a role model!

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Main Service Times

Sunday: 8.00am & 9:30am - Celebration Services
Sunday: 9:30am - Youth Church
Third Sunday: 6.00pm - Anointing Service
Wednesday: 6:00pm - Bible Study

Childcare available during every Sunday and Wednesday services.

Click here for locations.

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Give us a call at
+1 (866) 370-6352

Email us at


14030 Beechnut Street,
Houston, Texas 77083.

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