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Dominion International Center

...a church with a difference!

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Member Services Directorate

MemberServicesThe Member Services directorate is the ministry arm of Domnion International Center that is dedicated to the welfare and care of every member of Dominion International Center. Our watch word is excellence with Intergrity because we are Big enough to know everyone and small enough to care.

 The departments in this directorate include:

  • Dominion Discipleship Classes: This team is dedicated to imparting members of DIC through in-depth teaching of God's word, ultimately bringing them into maturity in Christ and increaing their level of commitment to Him.
  • Workers Training: This team is dedicated to training and empowering lay members who serve in any capacity in DIC so they can be adequately equip to carry out their duties.
  • Hospitality: This team is dedicated to reaching out to the members of the church as well as first time visitors, ensuring that everyone is loved and cared for on an individual and personal basis.
  • Follow-up Team: This team is dedicated to following up on members and visitors of the church.
  • Welfare Team: This team ensures that the needy and less previledged in the church are adequately taken care of through periodic benevolence programs and personal assistant.
  • Evangelism Team: This team is dedicated to ministering to the lost and unchurched peple outside the four walls of the local church by spreading the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.


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Main Service Times

Sunday: 8.00am & 9:30am - Celebration Services
Sunday: 9:30am - Youth Church
Third Sunday: 6.00pm - Anointing Service
Wednesday: 6:00pm - Bible Study

Childcare available during every Sunday and Wednesday services.

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