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Dominion International Center

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Men Affairs

MenAffairs The Men Affairs directorate is the ministry arm of Dominion International Center, dedicated to ministering and empowering men to beome the Leaders and Role Models God has called them to be. Our activities are designed to help disciple men to be Christ like, enjoying a vibrant and fulfilling relationship with JESUS, and to foster fellowship among men of similar interest or field of endeavor. 

 The departments in this directorate include:

  • Men In Dominion (M.I.D): This team is dedicated to empowering Men to become what God has called them to be, Leaders and Role Models for Christ.
  • Men Followup Team: This team ensures that the men of Dominion are cared for and nurtured spiritually, physically and emotionally.
  • Men Health and Fitness: This team is dedicated to minstering to the physically fitness of men so that they remain fit for the Master's use.

Click here to visit the Men in Dominion Web site for more information about our dynamic ministry.

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Sunday: 8.00am & 9:30am - Celebration Services
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Third Sunday: 6.00pm - Anointing Service
Wednesday: 6:00pm - Bible Study

Childcare available during every Sunday and Wednesday services.

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