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Dominion International Center

...a church with a difference!

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Online Giving

Dominion Success Institute

Dominion Success Institute is 6-week intense, in-depth, life-impacting training. In this class, you will learn about:

  • Success Foundation,
  • The Dynamics of Purpose,
  • Management Principles,
  • Concept of Creativity,
  • Planning Your Way to Success,
  • The Role of Divine Direction in Your Life's Purpose, and
  • The Winning Attitude.

 100% Success is your heritage. 

Courses in this category:
Core Course Syllabus Success Foundation The Dynamics of Purpose,  Management Principles Concept of Creativity...
Entrepreneurial Enhancement (Elective Course Syllabus) How to start your own business Finances The qualities of suc...
Professional/Career Enhancement (Elective Course Syllabus) How to find the right job Developing people skills in the...
Ministerial Enhancement (Elective Course Syllabus) Understanding your Father's business The five-fold Ministry Fina...

Main Service Times

Sunday: 8.00am & 9:30am - Celebration Services
Sunday: 9:30am - Youth Church
Third Sunday: 6.00pm - Anointing Service
Wednesday: 6:00pm - Bible Study

Childcare available during every Sunday and Wednesday services.

Click here for locations.

Get in touch

Give us a call at
+1 (866) 370-6352

Email us at


14030 Beechnut Street,
Houston, Texas 77083.

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