The Infrastructure Directorate is the ministry arm of Dominion International Center that is responsible for the smooth running of the operations within the DIC facilities and any building deemed as DIC property.

The departments in this directorate include:

  • Security: This team is dedicated to the security of parishioners while on DIC Campus and well as every facility deemed as DIC property.
  • Parking: This team is dedicated to the smooth operation and flow of traffic at all times on DIC Campus during services and events.
  • Transportation: This team is dedicated to the pickup and drop off of parishioners in our DIC bus lines and transportation system that have transportation needs.
  • Maintenance: This team is dedicated to the daily upkeep and cleaning of the facilities on the DIC campus.
  • Protocol: This team helps provides comfort and cares for our resident Pastors and guests ministers during church services. They also help to keep order around the altar.