The Family Affairs Directorate is an arm of the organizational structure of Dominion International Center that is responsible for providing Comfort, Love, and Care to every family unit represented in the church. Regardless of age, culture, gender or race, this arm is focused on strengthening the family values as commanded by God.

The departments in this directorate include:

  • Dominion Couples Ministry (D.C.M): This team is dedicated to restoring marriages and strengthening the bond of unity amongst married couples.
  • Singles Living In Dominion Everyday (S.L.I.D.E): This team is dedicated to empowering single young adults, unmarried adults, and single parents by developing them in a vibrant relationship with God that help establish them in God’s plan and purpose for their lives.
  • Dominion Youth Church (D.Y.C): This team is dedicated to raising youths ages 14 through 19 to be pacesetters and role models in life. They are committed to grooming young people that will excel in the society and be ‘movers and shakers’ for Christ in their generation.
  • Dominion Children’s Zone (D.C.Z): This team is dedicated to raising vibrant children that will be the heritage of God’s Kingdom here on earth.