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Serving Opportunities

June 1, 2019 | 0 Comments

At Dominion International Center, we believe everyone has a place.  Serving in ministry is an opportunity to use the gifts and talents you have to serve others.  Whether a warm smile or a powerful melodic voice, there is a place here for you. With each service and or event, we are met with various challenges and opportunities to use our gifts.   As a volunteer at Dominion International Center, you assist us in setting the atmosphere for worship and the spreading of God’s word. These serving opportunities also present various ways of learning more about the depths of ministry and it is a great way to meet the friendly faces that also help contribute to the community and church growth.  A few of our areas volunteers are welcome are below:

  • – Administration
  • – Children Care
  • – Outreach
  • – Building Caretakers
  • – Transportation
  • – Parking
  • – Church Technical Media
  • – Social Media
  • – Greeters / Ushers
  • – Information Technology and more

Every event that Dominion International has and every ministry typically needs a range of volunteers to help manage the events, services or ministerial duties. The options to serve and volunteer are limitless, If you are interested in assisting in other ways, please contact our church office.

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